Announcement Abstract

1AAbinowo, Bambang Suyudi, WahyuniDesign and Development of Intergration of Physical and Juridical Data Aplication in Complete Systematic Land Registration Activities
2ABinar Arco GumilarSymptoms of Cadastral D-1 Measurement and Mapping Students With the Regulation of the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial / Head of National Land Agency Number 33 of 2016 Concerning Licensed Cadaster Surveyors
3ADandi Arianto Pelly, Maryadi Budi WiyonoParticipatory Mapping of Village Potential with Geotagging Data
4AMira Novana ArdaniLegal Certainty Guarantee for Rightsholders in the Third Cluster of Complete Systematic Land Registration
5ANuraini Aisiyah, KusmiartoStrategic Program of Community Participation in the Implementation of Complete Systematic Land Registration
6BAchmad Taufiq Hidayat, Tri HaryantoAvailability of Land Data in Supporting Smart City Implementation (Case Study Denpasar City)
7BHadi ArnowoLand Spatial Data Development To Establish Smart City
8BKurniawati SugiyoSpatial Modeling of Landscape and Land Cover Pattern at Semarang City
9BMade Nova SanjayaBuilding smart and sustainable cities through strategic waste management. A case study of the 23-Cities of Tokyo
10BMade Wina Satria, Km. Deddy Endra PrasandyaA Study on The Compact City Concept in Creating Smart and Clean Environment in Denpasar
11BNi Made YudantiniBalinese Norms and Tradition Approach to Encourage the Quality of Life and Smart City for Sustainable Development in Denpasar City
12BSukmo Pinuji, WahyuniMake The Cities Work: Some Stories of Smart City Initiatives around The Globe
13CAsih Retno Dewi, Slamet WiyonoThe Application of Fair Replacement Values in Land Acquisition: Comparing with Some Countries
14CDwi Susanto, Annisa Nur Fauziah, Rido Mubayyin, Listiani Citra UtamiThe Role of Government Guarantee in Land Procurement for Infrastructure Development in Indonesia
15CHarviniThe Problematic Land Acquisition for the Special Economics Areas Development of Tanjung Kelayang in Belitung Regency
16CIhsannudin, Kliwon Hidayat, Keppi Sukesi, Yayuk Yuliati , Sukmo PinujiEasement Land On Small Yellow Crested Cockatoo Conservation in Masakambing Island Indonesia
17CKoes WidarboLegal Protection for the Land of the Adat Legal Community Giving Business Rights and Mineral Mining License and Coal
18CMoh. Indra Bangsawan, Absori, Enggar Dwi LestariLand Certification Policy and Implication for Community Welfare
19CMuh Arif SuhattantoComparing Land Expropriation Procedure in Taiwan and Indonesia
20CNaila U. Khoiriyah, Lailatul Qodariyah, M. D. Parawangsa, Fatimah N.S.Distribution and Condition of Small Hills (Gumuk) That Have Contribution to Reducing Natural Disaster of Typoon in Jember Regency, East Java, Indonesia
21CPitasari, Yendi SufyandiProblems in Land Acquisition of Waqf Land, Village Land, and Government Institution Land
22CRetta Ida LumonggaCase study of land acquisition for sustainable toll road construction
23CSetiowatiLand Precurement for Public Interest Development
24CZuharnenOptimization of Sea-Border Area Management Based on Development of Resources Potential in Jemaja Island, Anambas Island Regency
25DAbdul Haris FaridThe Impact Of Land Use Change
26DAristiono NugrohoLocal Peasant Prganization Roles in The Agrarian Reform
27DArsan NurrokhmanQuo Vadis, Indonesian Agrarian Reform? Study on the Implementation of Public Policy towards Law Number 5 of 1960 to Presidential Regulation Number 86 of 2018 and the Complexity of Current Land Issues
28DMohammad Fajar Hidayat, Farida Nova KurniawatiInclusive Agrarian Reform Design for Family Hope Program and Disability
29DRetno Farida, Hary L. PrabowoLand Reform in Bantul: Registration of Agricultural Lands from Absentee Land
30DRosye Villanova Christine, Priyo Katon Susetyo, Sudibyanung
Relevance of Agrarian Reform in Industry 4.0: Land Distribution vs Land Bank
31DSigit Santosa, Arditya Wicaksono, Romi NugrohoCollaboration of Ministries and government agencies in Implementation Agrarian Reform in Indonesia
32DWesti Utami, Sukmo Pinuji, M. Nazir SalimRelationship Inequality of Land Ownership and Agricultural Commodities on Income Level
33DYuliana, Lisna Rahmaniah Siregar, Budi SatrioIntegrated Agrarian, Land and Spatial Planning Policies for Sustainable Development
34EAulia Imania Sukma, PanjiAnalysis of Spatial Planning and Land Management of Earthquake Natural Disaster in Lombok Utara District, West Nusa Tenggara Province
35EDidin Rohmanuddin, Kinanti Indah Safitri, Rahmi HidayatiThe Enchanted Bayan Local Community: Recovery Strategy of Social Impact for Post- Earthquake Disaster Based on Institutional Entrepreneurship
36EFahmi Charish Mustofa, Sapta NugrahaDevelopment of Information System to support paddy’s field conservation: revisiting the implementation of Teman Desa application
37EI Dewa Gede Agung Diasana PutraThe impact of dynamic land use and spatial planning policies on the traditional village and architecture in tourism villages of Gianyar, Bali
38ENgakan Ketut Acwin DwijendraHow Does the Local Wisdom Influence the Sustainability of Spatial Development in Denpasar, Bali Indoensia
39ERochmat MartantoFood Security Classification Based on Land Use Conversion Pattern in Colomadu Subdistrict Karanganyar District, Indonesia
40ESa'adinoor, Linus Yoseph Wawan Rukmono, Moelyanto, Edy Saptono, Irdam AhmadGeospatial and Community Participation Combination in PTSL Implementation in Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency
41ESantika Purwitaningsih, Uswatun Khasanah, Junun SartohadiEffectiveness of spatial plans on reducing the risk of floods and landslides
42ESeptiana FathurrohmahIdentification of The Merapi’s South Side Slope Landuse as Support Analysis of Flood Factors in Yogyakarta Urban Area
43ESumartini, Agam MarsoyoIdentification of Physical Appearance in the Peri Urban Area of Bantul Regency
44EVironicha Agustina, Yendi SufyandiThe Role of Land Use Balance in Composing Regional Spatial Land
45EVisilya Faniza, W. PradotoSocio-Ecological Vulnerability Assessment and the Resulting Spatial Pattern
46EWesti Utami, Fajar Buyung Permadi, Yuli Ardianto WibowoApplication of Remote Sensing for Monitoring Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Post Disaster in Palu